Stonehenge will be a fascinating story one day

It is winter solstice time — last night being the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.  We used to have problems at winter solstice because weird Druid sects, dressed in weird clothing and head-gear would arrive at Stonehenge and carry out weird ceremonies that were supposed to recapitulate what actually went on there at the time it was built 4,500 years ago. The Department of the Environment didn’t like these Druids trampling on their patch so they used to call the police in and there were fights.  Better sense has prevailed since then.

It’s all rather ridiculous really because no-one has given a convincing explanation why such an edifice — and a colossal amount of additional landscaping round about — was actually carried out.  We know precisely why the Egyptian Pyramids were built — at about the same time — but not Stonehenge.  Our stones are as mute as stones ever could be.  At least I haven’t heard any plausible story. But I’ve a great respect for archaeologists and what they’re able to tell us about the past.  The evidence is exiguous so far but the land-works all around means that there’s probably a lot to be found ultimately. It’ll be a full and fascinating story one day.

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