Is science better described as a religion?

In my view, science is as much as religion as is Christianity, Islam,  Hinduism, Taoism and a multitiude of other religions from times past.  The big difference between science and the formal religions is that while the latter change their doctrines very slowly, science does so with great celerity.

The reason is that as soon as one scientific doctrine doesn’t explain newly-found facts another doctrine is invented and the first one is aborted. Sometimes the changeover can be immediate.  At the most it has to wait a generation until an old guard of scientists dies and thus allows the new doctrine of younger scientists to hold sway.  However, in the case of the formal religions, changes of doctrines may take hundreds of years.

To  believe in science or in a formal religion requires an act of faith of faith in both cases.  In the case of a religion it is to accept the central doctrine without having any evidence. In the case of science, the act of faith is an intuitive acceptance that the human brain and the outside world both use the same logic — equally unprovable.

Both science and the formal religions have ‘ethereal beings’ with which our individual ‘souls’ or ‘spirits’ are believed to have a personal connection. In the case of a religion it is God — and sometimes ranks of angels, too.  In the case of science it is information which can travel faster than any physical object or particle — limited to the ‘speed of light’.

Our personal connection with information is demonstrated by the fact that only one photon of light, arising out of nowhere (a ‘spiritual ether’), is capable of being recorded by our eyes and, in turn, being hormonally multiplied as it travels along the optic nerve on its way to the brain. There, it can exert pressure for some decision or another.  Each of us would be entirely unconscious of the additional information and of its effect but, nevertheless, we have made the connection and, in turn, our decision may also be conveyed to the ‘spiritual ether’.

The above is weird, but no more weird than quantum physics on which all our modern economic life now depends.  And, now biological researchers are telling us, some of the most crucial and complex processes that take place if life forms could never take place under the normal laws of physics  but only with quantum effects from some ‘spiritual ether’ a trope for a quantum world that no-one understand as yet.

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