Mobile phones causing accidents?

The government is thinking about tougher fines for drivers who use hand-held phones while driving. The reason is that over 500 accidents occurred in 2014 to drivers using hand-held phones, a big rise since 2013. It is being proposed that the fine of £100 is raised to £150 and more penalty points are added to their driving licence.

This is unlikely to produce any difference whatsoever.  Besides, how does the government know that hand-held phones are especially culpable?  What about fixed phones?  What about the playing of radio or CDs while driving.  What about drivers having conversations with passengers?  There has been no controlled testing of the hand-held hypothesis.

One thought on “Mobile phones causing accidents?

  1. A passenger in the car senses the traffic as does the driver. As to a radio or CD the driver can lower the sound or turn off the radio in order to focus on traffic as needed. With a phone conversation the driver can talk while navigating in traffic but the person at the other end doesn’t know what the driver is seeing and so will go on talking; if it is heavy traffic and the driver has to focus, there is a possibility of an accident. At the least, distracted driving. I support the no phone law while driving.

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