I’ve come off the fence regarding global warming.

An article by Christopher Booker, whom I’ve only recently taken to reading, in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph illuminates the whole global warming scenario for me.  It describes how the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) got started in the first place.  It’s all due to one man, Maurice Strong. This has obviously made an impression on Christopher Booker who, I would judge, is not as entrepreneurial-friendly as I am — though I include great entrepreneurial poets, artists and research scientists as well as businessmen within the genre.

Maurice Strong was certainly an entrepreneur — twice over. Firstly he made a fortune in the Canadian oil industry in the 1980s.  He then decided that the one topic that would truly unite the nations of the world was environmentalism. He took up the concern of a few international meteorologists who believe that man’s emission of CO2 into the atmosphere was the reason for global warming.

A man of great political ability he persuaded the UN to set up the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) with himself as the head of it. With the support of some meteorologists in1988 he then transmogrified UNEP into the IPCC and then again into an even more influential body among politicians and senior civil servants — particularly EU commissioners (very much in their regulatory interests) — the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC).

This was able to influence more meteorological scientists — most of whom are not independently minded and are quite as credulous as the lemming-like public — into undertaking a vast amount of ad hoc research, funded by governments so long as their proposals plainly showed that they were already persuaded of man-made climate change.

Funding applications from scientists who actually questioned the fast-gathering theory — the true sine qua non of science — generally got nowhere. The UNFCC then funded the colossal summit at Rio de Janeiro in 1992, along with 20,000 activists paid for out of UN funds. This was the event that really got the ball rolling into ,top politicians, senior civil servants, scientists and thence into the general public.  Christopher Booker didn’t mention the similarity with Hitler’s overpowering Nuremberg Rallies in pushing the Nazi Party into the minds of the German public — but I will.

The Rio Summit was presided over by  Maurice Strong.  But what sort of man was he?  In 200t5 he was found guilty of illicitly pocketing $1 million from the UN’s Oil for Food programme. This was not the action of a genuine environmental entrepreneur.  Nor was his next decision to go and live in Beijing!  He died there on 27 November.  This was the life of an unusual man who had been a brilliant manipulator of others..

I’ve been sitting on the fence as regards what’s causing global warming. Reading this in yesterday Sunday Telegraph and on the same day in the Sunday Times reading that the yearly addition of CO2 content of the atmosphere has been declining in recent years and is likely to be nothing next year now convinces me. I’m also adding these to my mong-standing puzzle why the Vostok ice core samples suggests that temperature changes precede, not follow, CO2 content in the air.

The present global warming is a phase similar to the about a dozen of the past and nothing to do with the hysteria about its anthropogenic nature, as first set loose by Maurice Strong in 1988.

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