What Cuba has going for it

A writer recently declared that intelligent people could never have designed Cuba because it was so drab and unexciting compared with capitalist countries. I replied that I wouldn’t care to have lived in Cuba in my life but, nevertheless, I welcome the existence of other cultures besides our own.

I continued with:

Before you wrote your remarks about Cub and the lack of intelligence you might have dipped into Wikipedia to read:

“Although it fares poorly in metrics of political and economic freedom, Cuba is ranked very high in human development by the United Nations, and performs well in health and education. It became the first country to eradicate mother-to-child transmission of HIV and syphilis, a milestone hailed by the World Health Organization as ‘one of the greatest public health achievements possible’ “.

It is also, along with Israel, one of the world leaders in plant genetics.  Is intelligence not required?

What drove the industrial revolution in this country for its first fifty years with the imposition of the worst sweated-labour conditions ever if it wasn’t greed? What motivated the industrial revolution for the next one hundred, if it wasn’t the mass purchase of status goods?
Instincts drives economic activities, not intelligence.

I suggest your read Richard Thaler’s Misbehaving to get a better grasp of what economics is really all about. It’s not about intelligent decision-making

One thought on “What Cuba has going for it

  1. Excellent critique of narrow-minded thinking about well-being. Health(including low pollution-good environment), education, and the arts including music are criteria that many highly industrialized, high GDP countries fail to deliver to their populace.

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