“Just another day in the United States of America”

As the BBC website puts it.  Yesterday in San Bernardino, California, a man and a women killed 14 people at a welfare centre and left more than a dozen injured. It was the 355th mass shooting in the US this year.

President Obama is wrong to ascribe this to the lack of adequate gun laws in America.  All men in Switzerland have guns at home. There are no mass killings there. We also have mass killings in this country which has adequate gun laws. There are mass killings in advanced European countries with have adequate gun laws. There are mass killings all over the world for all sorts of reasons carried out by mentally disturbed individuals for racial, nationalistic or religious reasons.

Mass killings occur because we have long lost, or are fast losing — in the agrarian countries, reasonably sized communities where loners or mentally disturbed individuals can be much more easily spotted and stopped in their tracks early on. It is our advanced, high individualistic culture which is causing mass killings. Obama should not chastise America for the mass killings. It is the most advanced country is the world.  Mass killings would continue — albeit at perhaps not such a high rate — in a country with increasinglyfewer genuine local communities.

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