Just one glimpse of truth from a senior politician

Of the four leading contenders for the leadership of the Tory Party MPs when Cameron makes up his mind to retire — and thus automatically becoming Prime Minister — only one has said something that is totally truthful. This is Theresa May and what she said was that all the vast immigration of the past 20 years or so is doing the economy no good at all.

That a senior politicians should speak from her heart and by doing so totally oppose what politicians have been saying for the last 20 years in justification for high immigration is astonishing in itself. That no-one has criticised her by repeating the usual mantra that immigration is good for us is just as astonishing. It can only mean that she is now considered demented or she is speaking the truth.

Yes, large-scale immigration increases the total personal taxation that the Treasury collects but the increase happens to be coming from more low skill jobs — that is, of those coming rom Paiikstan, Bangladesh and Africa (and also more recently from new EU countries such as Rumania). The overall effect, though, is to reduce the skill level of the country as a whole — and thus our foreign earnings.

When the economic history books are written it will be appreciated just how powerful employers of low-skill jobs have been in bending the ears of senior politicians over the past few decades. It will also be appreciated how much the income gap between the adequately educated and the inadequately educated in this country, which has been growing for the last century has been accelerating in the past 20 years.

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