The population catastrophe that dare not speak its name

Combining what I wrote in the last post with what I wrote on Sunday (“Man’s colossal mistake”) our ‘benefaction’ — of Western medicine, including all the existing antibiotics — to the Third World in the last 150 years will also hit us before too long.

Western medicine, which has caused the hyper-magnification of the population of the Third World over the past 150 years from 1 billion to 7 billion so far, is going to cause a hyper-reduction of our population in the coming years.

The immune systems of a proportion of all of us will have natural resistance to one or other of the killer diseases which one or other of the 20 or so antibiotics have hitherto enabled us to overcome. But not all of the diseases of others that might be passed on to us inadvertently.

Thus until a solution is found — and there has been none remotely suggested so far — the catastrophe will not come as one almighty world-wide event but as a series of epidemics in one region after another, each sweeping away a fraction of the population each time. This is likely to persist for several generations until the fraction of people remaining have a fairly wide level of resistance to the most common killer diseases.

Unless and until new antibiotics are discovered and developed, our colossal antibiotic mistake will remain as it is now — something that cannot speak its name.

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