Brian Reader will become another English hero

The seasoned criminal ring leaders of the Hatton Garden robbery have now been brought to court.  We will be regaled once again with all the details of how they drilled through a metre of reinforced concrete, broke open steel boxes and took away many millions of pounds worth of (mainly) diamonds, watches and other family knick-knacks.

It won’t beat the Great Train Robbery of 1963 for fascination but will gain the secret approval of many as being a another poke-in-the-eye of the authorities. The Hatton Garden trial will entertain us for days as we learn a little more about the personalities involved. One of the criminals who’s already gathering a sort of fan club is Brian Reader, the “Guv’nor” of the team and already an old-age pensioner (76).

As cool as you like, he travelled on a London No. 55 bus to the scene of the crime — that is, when it was a scene before the crime took place! — using his free old person’s bus pass in doing so. He has all the makings of being considered another Arthur J. Raffles — as indeed Ronnie Biggs became after Great Train Robbery fame.

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