The piquey Church of England

The Church of England (CoE) is having a fit of pique at present, not to say, stupidity. When its proposed Christmas commercial was turned down by many cinema operators, the CoE then proposed that all Christmas adverts in cinemas should be banned!

The cinemas, under the Digital Cinema Media (DCM) association, refuses all adverts based on “religion, faith or equivalent systems of belief” on the grounds that some of their audiences might find them offensive.  If DCM had accepted the CoE advert — very professionally done from all accounts — then how many more religious sects such as Seventh Day Adventists, Church of the Latter Day Saints or even the Scientologists would be booking space?

Most contentiously of all, the chances are thatone of the Muslim organisations in this country that wants to see Sharia law replacing our House of Commons would want to make and place cinema adverts. If so, there’d be riots in more than a few cinemas all over the country.

Grow up, CoE!  You’re in an existential dilemma that a few Christmas adverts were not going to repair even if, foolishly, they’d been allowed.

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